Data Recovery, Data Backups & Password Reset

The most important thing on a computer is its data. If your storage drive fails, then you have to hope a data recovery is possible. If not, you have lost your data. A good way of preventing this is by frequent data backups. We can help you with setting up a solid data backup plan.

Computer Data Recovery

Have you ever lost pictures, music or documents because of a computer virus or hard drive failure? No matter what the cause, we will do what we can to recover all of your lost files to a DVD or external hard drive!

Computer Password Reset

Who has not forgotten their desktop login password? Windows 8 & 10 have made it even more difficult to reset your Microsoft password. If you can’t get in, we can!

Computer Data Backup Solutions

It’s important to remember that all desktop and laptop hard drives eventually fall victim to mechanical failure. This can result in you losing your data! Because hard drive failure can happen without any notice, we can help you set up a data backup plan, like a Microsoft server, central external hard drive, and cloud backups, to make sure you never lose your files!

Personal Data Backups for Safe Keeping

When was the last time you backed up your documents and precious pictures? If you are like most people, probably never. Two of our new customers wished they had. A young mother lost all of her daughters baby’s pictures and a college student, his doctorate thesis. Please do not wait until it is too late. We can backup (take a snapshot) of all your important documents and pictures to a DVD or external hard drive and do so within 24 hours.

Data Backup and Recovery Experts in Fort Collins!

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