A very unhappy man who did not back up computer data

“I was going to backup up my documents tomorrow.”

Back Up Your Computer Data for tomorrow it could be gone

We all want to protect our computer personal and business data. These data include pictures, documents and application databases. Most of us assume our data will be there when we need it tomorrow. We don’t even believe that these items are in jeopardy, but they are. We are computer backup experts, who believe there are 6 enemies of your computer data. Your data could be destroyed tomorrow if you don’t back up computer your data today.

6 Biggest Enemies of your Data

The six biggest enemies of your data are; 1) Power Surges, 2) Power Outages, 3) Ransomware Encryption, 4) Hard Drive Failure, 5) Accidental deletion and 6) Computer Theft. Any of these can cause total data loss and without warning.

What can you do now, to protect yourself from a catastrophic data loss?

Protecting against all of the six threats is impossible, but implementing a backup plan is not. I have heard the statement, many times, “I was going to back up my computer tomorrow”. I saw the anguish on their face as they said it. This does not need to happen to you.

What does it mean to create a computer backup plan?

It means that you have a plan in place to back up all data, in two or more locations. Ideally, the backup should take place frequently enough to ensure you will not lose anything that you cannot replace or don’t have time to re-create. The backup plan must automatically back up changed and new data. This includes pictures, school and work documents, tax & business databases and anything else you don’t want to lose. In the next article, I will outline many approaches to creating a computer backup plan.

If this seems overwhelming, and you live in Northern Colorado, call Computer PC Medic.